Comprehensive Technological Consulting – Tailored to Suit your Specific Needs

Aman Group offers comprehensive technological consulting services through all project stages – planning, characterization, establishment, support and implementation for IT infrastructures, data protection, design and establishment of computer rooms and low voltage systems, establishment and support for operating systems, networks and LAN/Wan connectivity, and designated software solutions

Aman Group provides full technological consulting and design services for communication networks – Wireless, LAN/WAN, encoding systems, IP Telephony, data protection, systems and Disaster Recovery.

We specialize in all data protection levels required for the IT organization, from physical system-wide and methodological data protection, to a comprehensive review of the organization and its applicability to data protection standards such as ISO1779, the Basel accords, the Bank of Israel regulations, privacy laws and information banks law.

The Group's experts have over 20 years of experience in the design of infrastructures, including advanced cabling infrastructures, computer facilities and the design of heterogenic, complex computerized systems. We provide our customers with end-to-end solutions for the design, characterization and implementation of computing, communications and data protection infrastructures, to the application level.

Our consultants operate as an integral part of the customer's IT team. We believe in establishing a close and integrated relationship of trust with our customers' representatives and management, resulting in a mutually beneficial work process towards the establishment of cross-organizational disciplines.

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