Data Protection Professional Services

Our Data Protection Professional Services department provides end-to-end data protection solutions, based on an in-depth understanding of our clients' operative and business needs.

Understanding that the field of data protection is critical in ensuring the availability, quality and confidentiality of organizational data and that its goal is to prevent intentional or unintentional leakage of data, Aman Group provides planning, consulting and characterization services, carries out risk surveys, implementation and maintenance services for data protection solutions, provides protection services for website, server farms and databases, as well as for wireless and telephony exchanges. We protect your organizational assets while integrating our solutions with your organization's existing work processes.

Our data protection solutions include full procedural support on all levels, from design, penetration tests and risk analysis, through provision of security software and their implementation, in addition to long term operation and maintenance services for all data protection products.

Our Solutions:
  •  Assistance and professional support to organizations in the characterization of their data protection needs
  •  Preparation of cross-organizational security surveys
  •  Implementation of data protection services from the end-station level to Gateway products
  •  Assistance and support to the organization's data protection manager
  •  24/7 support services
  •  Professional outsourcing services
  •  Provision of leading global data protection products
  •  A wide range of protection solutions for mobile phones
  •  Access and encoding systems

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