Foreity – Comprehensive Information security in Microsoft environments

Foreity – Aman Group's newest venture in the field of information security in a Microsoft environment focuses on providing Microsoft security solutions while implementing unique capabilities developed by the company to provide the perfect security solution

Foreity serves as a Microsoft sub-contractor, focusing on providing technologies and data security products within a Microsoft environment. The inclusion of Foreity's activities into Aman Group has allowed the group to provide its customers with comprehensive security solutions in Microsoft environments as well as consulting, implementation and development services to ensure that the organization's entire Microsoft environment is secured in the most professional manner.

The department includes infrastructure experts, network teams and developers with specific expertise in data security in a Microsoft environment, some of whom hold the most prestigious title granted by Microsoft to technology experts – Microsoft MVP in the field of data security (Forefront).

The division implements the following data security products in a Microsoft environment:
  •  Remote, secure and transparent organizational access without the need to revise work methods
  •  Advanced protection of mail servers
  •  Advanced protection of end stations and servers
  •  Protection of cellular phones connections without the need to install components alongside the phone
  •  Protection from data leakage
  •  Protection of SharePoint servers and their data
  •  Protection of Microsoft's Cloud services
  •  SSO (Single Sign On) capabilities – single identification to a number of resources in parallel
  •  Strong identification via SMS or digital certificates
  •  Identity management, management of digital certificates and password resetting in and outside the organization
  •  Hardening services for servers, work stations and applications in a Microsoft environment

 Threats analysis services, system surveys, permeability tests, Forensic testing, and more.
Our professional services are provided at the highest possible level thanks to full integration from the network level, through development and support. Our services are integrated in the organization's existing Microsoft environment and include 24/7 support by a skilled call-center team, available to address any problem or request

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