Command & Control Systems for business Processes - HP  CMDB

The growing importance of business availability has resulted in organizational command and control systems becoming more and more crucial for IT operations. Aman Group's Command & Control division – an HP Gold Partner, provides a comprehensive solution for managing the IT organization, from characterization to implementation

HP's CMDB (Configuration Management Database) system is a comprehensive data base for all organizational command & control systems, and assists in mapping the organization's entire range of IT systems. The system's purpose is clear – detection and mapping of the organization's applications and business services, for purposes of change management, displays, configuration management, monitoring and more.

The system operates an automatic detection mechanism which scans the organizational network, mapping the components and links comprising the organization's infrastructure (servers, network components, data bases, applications, etc.). These components and links facilitate gaining an understanding of how the organization's IT system is built, which components and technologies exist within it and how are they interrelated. In case of change or failure, the system can easily detect the source of the failure and the way that it affects other systems or applications.

Main advantages of using HP's CMDB system:
  • Automatic and quick tracking of organizational infrastructures
  • Extensive detection capabilities covering approx. 80% of known infrastructures
  • Agent-less detection capabilities – eliminating the need for installations on the organization's server
  • Creation of user-friendly graphic queries from the data base
  • Built-in integrations to all HP's command & control systems as well as to those of other providers
  • Production of comprehensive reports allowing comparison of components and change management
  • Aman Group's extensive experience and knowledge in the IT management world – covering a wide range of disciplines and industries

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