Aman Group's "SecureNet Solutions" offers an advanced solution package specializing in data and cyber security. The company has extensive knowledge and many years of in-depth commercial experience as a leading provider of comprehensive solutions including consulting, design, establishment, characterization and implementation of systems covering a wide and comprehensive range of data security concerns. In addition, the company is a certified business partner of the leading global producers of data and cyber security products.

  • Safenet – A leading manufacturer of code and encoding components, central components for critical data encoding, databases and communication networks as well as end components for strong OTP and/or PKI identification using a leading global central management system.
  • Athena Smartcards –A leading manufacturer of smart cards and card readers of various types, Athena's solutions is one of the most globally advanced of its kind for management of smart cards in medium and large organizational systems. 
  • CyberArk-A manufacturer of data security products including a system of safe deposit boxes with data encoding capabilities covering authorization management, monitoring, automatic transfer of files, a solutions for sending sensitive information by email and a solution for managing privileged identities within the organization. 
  • Wave-Specializes in End Point Security solutions focused on blocking installations and encoding. Among the company's signature products is a leading product in the field of end station blocking installations and a product which enables smart and fast encoding of end stations by encoding user data without encoding operating system files. In addition, the solution includes a management system for the TPM Module component which exists within the organization's computers. 
  • McAfee –A leading global data security producer offering a range of solutions; in addition to the company's leading and well-known anti-virus solutions, it also addresses additional needs under the ePO's advanced central management. Mcafee provides a leading solution for encoding databases as well as a risk assessment system which includes a comprehensive solution for the organizational IT environment, assisting it to pin point data security weaknesses and to determine the nature of the treatment and its level of urgency. 
  • Websense –The leading global provider in the content analysis and screening industry, offering solutions for screening of data coming from the internet and prevention of data leakage from the organization via the various channels of communication. 
  • HP fortify -A leading code development quality control product, which enables testing the code during various development stages while saving on time and resources in operating the application and ensuring that its code is written in a secure manner. 
  • ARX –The first Israeli manufacturer of encoding products; The company's algorithm research resulted in a leading solution in the field of digital signatures and addressing organizational underwriting requirements while implementing central processes and large volumes. 

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