In view of the rising number of threats within cyber space, many business and governmental organizations consider cyber threats as strategic threats endangering their very existence. These threats include business espionage, malware, theft and sometimes a combination of a number of threat types, resulting in direct or indict (reputation) damage. Aman Group's SecureNet Solutions provides a professional and efficient solution to cyber threats and attacks, which include cyber services and advanced tools, for which the company is the exclusive Israeli representative.

  • FireEye –The product that defined the Sand boxing solution now provides a holistic solution to checking content entering the organization, enforcing strict control measures and searching for malware and other perpetrators, their analysis in real time and full customer response in monitoring the damaged areas and preventing the problem from spreading onwards.
  • Light Cyber –The Magna system focuses on identifying cyber-attacks while fully analyzing network transfer of data and identifying anomalies in user behaviors within the company's internal network. Upon identification of an attack, the system responds in real time by issuing warning to relevant sources using its capability to identify the specific source of the problem. The system provides a comprehensive solution for identifying problems in this area, while also providing a real time report of any malware which existed within the network prior to its installation.

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