FormIT- Smart Production & Distribution of Organizational Outputs for your Customers

The FormIT system, developed and distributed by Aman Group, offers an innovative, proven solution allowing organizations to create, edit and distribute organizational outputs and data such as invoices, customer correspondence, forms, documents, item breakdowns, receipts and marketing documents in a range of distribution channels, while eliminating the need to use external suppliers

FormIT allows organizations to collect data from internal systems using an integration engine, without the need to write new code. It allows the creation of customer-targeted documents and their distribution to the organization's customers – eliminating the use of external printing and production services.

The system uses Informatica OEM engines to perform three main tasks:
  1.  Data Collection – a strong integration engine allowing access to any content type (computing systems, DB, files).
  2.  Processing and archiving – environmental document and output design capacities using a smart generator, performing an infinite variety of manipulations on the data and saving all the information in a sophisticated XML archive.
  3.  Distribution – the ability to manage and monitor the transfer of information to distribution channels, based on business rules. Outputs are sent as SMS, DATA, HTML, PDF, etc., in a wide range of channels (email, fax, cellular, print, iPost, internet and organizational systems).

Main advantages:

  • Management of the various distribution channels to end customers, in an era of multiple and complex media forms
  •  The ability to distribute information in any format and from any system to any destination (internal or external)
  •  Reduction in costs and in the level of dependence on external print providers
  •  The ability to define complex logic for independently constructing organizational outputs and/or as an additional tier to the logic of existing systems
  •  Management of the entire organizational distribution mechanism at the customer's premises
  •  The ability to implement only relevant modules based on existing solutions
  •  Distribution capabilities with digital signature and encoding at a high data security level