Otzar- A Management and Archiving Solution for Document-based Data Repositories

An advanced, comprehensive document management and archiving solution, "Otzar" naturally interfaces with a wide range of core systems, providing efficient establishment and management capabilities of digital information banks

Written in flexible source code, Otzar provides a fast and efficient archiving solution, able to flexibly interface to a range of core systems such as SAP, Oracle, CRM and many others.

Otzar's platform allows organizations and companies to establish and manage digital data repositories (archives) and to maintain all its non-structured information from a wide range of document types in one central location while providing user-friendly, quick access for browsing, finding and reading all source documents and paperwork existing in the organization.

The system includes a number of useful modules such as automation of data merging processes for documents and forms, workflows, quick filing of documents directly from Office and Outlook at a click of a button, automation of filing processes (bar-coding) , OMR technology for data validation and automatic filing, OCR technology for textual searching of documents, creation of minutes of meetings and decision tracking: allocation of tasks, follow-up and control of minutes of meetings and decisions, email distribution with viewing enabled at the user's desktop, email archiving and retrieval with unlimited inbox size, and fully integrated customer relations management to all customer documents environments.

Otzar assists organizations in increasing the efficiency of their work, thereby saving substantial time and resources. As it is web-based and simple to operate, the system is easily implemented and also contributes to fulfilling the "paperless office" goal.

Otzar saves organizations many work hours of typing and filing, manual work processes, physical forms, document retrieval time, expensive storage space and operational costs such as paper, ink, toners, physical files, photocopying costs, etc.

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