Mantis (WMS) A Warehouse Management Solution

Mantis – represented in Israel by Aman Group – is a global company providing an advanced system for management of modern supply chains and warehouses. Our comprehensive solution includes design and use of hardware and shelving solutions which increase the efficiency of logistic centers and save valuable time and resources

Since its establishment, Aman Group has provided Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) as part of the Group's range of ERP solutions.

As part of our constant attempts to provide the most updated and effective solutions for managing warehouses and logistics centers, we joined forces with Mantis Israel, for the distribution, implementation and support of smart warehouse management solutions.

Aman Group provides its customers with solutions which include project management and support from the initiation stage, through characterization and implementation, to independent operation, engineering consulting services and logistics center planning using the smart hardware and shelving solutions provided by Mantis.

Mantis currently has over 500 global customers managing distribution centers, warehouses and delivery, distribution and supply lines. The company has a strong presence in over 23 countries around the world and operates a 24/7 support service.

The Mantis WMS system allows customers to implement quick changes in the field and to increase the efficiency of its logistics work based on evolving organizational needs. The system is in fact a collection of engines, modules and tools designed and built to provide field personnel – warehouse operators and managers – with a maximum level of independence to implement changes without requiring special training.

Mantis WMS system – Main advantages:
  • Increased efficiency of warehouse workers – cost reduction
  • Increased precision and reduction of errors at work – a user-friendly system, easy to operate
  • Interfaces to all ERP systems and mobile hardware such as terminals and barcode printers
  • Fast and simple implementation
  • Infrastructure services to immobile hardware – servers, backups and system – as part of our "one stop shop" methodology.

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