Access4All- Site Accessibility

Access4All offers an innovative solution enabling organizations to implement the Accessibility Law on their sites thanks to a comprehensive support system beginning at the solution implementation stage, through process completion and receipt of approval by a certified accessibility supervisor.
Under the provisions of the "Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Law, 5758-1998" and the new regulations which have come into force on 25/10/2013, public sites are required to be accessible to the entire population.

The Access4All solution enables users with disabilities to select the display that suits them, thanks to a unique accessibility navigation bar presented at the top of all pages of the site. The navigation bar presents users with a menu for implementing individualized visual changes specifically suited to each user and his/her disability.

The site's accessibility treatment begins top down - from the product's implementation and code changes, through individualized adjustments if needed, and finally support in the submittal of forms to the Web Accessibility organization and conducting preliminary tests by an accessibility consultant.

The site is made accessible in a nearly automatic process via a management system, without any changes made to its code.

Some of the sites features include:

  • Adjustable display format - normal, adjusted to color blind users and to the visually impaired
  •  Support of text size - change in the font size of the site's text
  • Definition of shortcut keys - for full keyboard control
  •  Supports screen readers
  •  Feedback form for collecting customer complaints
  • Accessibility declaration is displayed
  •  Management system enabling implementation of all accessibility requirements
  • Individualized navigation bar - adjustable to suit each client's specific requirements

The product's accessibility adjustments enable people with various disabilities such as the blind and visually impaired, people with physical disabilities who have limited use of their hands, people with hearing disabilities and people with other disabilities, to make an effective use of the services and information offered on the site.
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Product advantages:
  •  One stop shop – a comprehensive solution and full support towards meeting the WCAG standard as required by law
  •  A unique code developed by the company, which can be individually adjusted if needed
  •  Fast handling of the entire accessibility process including elaborations and design components required in order to enhance the site's preliminary status
  •  Submittal of the required forms and performing preliminary tests
  •  Simple routine maintenance of new content on the site
  •  Server or client configuration as defined in advance by the client
  •  Responsively adjusted product, also suited for mobile

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