Microstrategy - An advanced BI solution 
A powerful flexible Unified platform of integrated capabilities

Our Microstrategy BI tool provides End-to-End data analysis solutions. 
MicroStrategy Enterprise harnesses the
power of data to obtain a competitive advantage.
MicroStrategy offers an analytic platform that combines an exciting,
swift and empowering user experience
alongside advanced performance, management and
security capabilities that are suited for the needs of large organizations.
Microstrategy enables its clients around the world to remain relevant by using BI capabilities to improve service and customer experience and to upgrade operational performance.
The solution implements an advanced analytics process that proactively adjusts data for presentation and analysis to ensure optimal business decision
The solution enables the various position holders (both organizational clients and end clients
to gain access to essential information such as sales, stock, locations, feasibility, and more,
using designated applications from the digital world as well as via the Web or a designated interface

This way users are able to reach decisions much faster and safer. MicroStrategy enables BI Self Service, Big Data analyses, visualization, and more.
MicroStrategy provides information analysis capabilities and distributes the information to organizational clients as well as end users. The solution offers an analytical platform integrating a simple and convenient user experience with the highest level of performance, management and security capabilities.

The Microstrategy Analytics provides organizations with a vast array of data analysis and processing capabilities
The tools enables competitive advantage by addressing complex questions while ensuring a simple and empowering user experience for a true visual real time status report on all media types.
The platform is suitable for high performance needs, with secure "Reuse" capabilities.

Mobile and mobility
Microstrategy brings the information, deals, mapping, multimedia and business process flows to life with mobile devices that are specifically adjusted to any given industry or position. Any information system or internet application can be easily converted into a user friendly mobile application using optimization and application methods for iOS and Android.

Data Protection
A complete security solution that facilitates the presentation of data by users and organizational groups, through to the data level.

Additional solutions:
  • A single platform enabling solutions for any organizational requirement (from the most simple to the most complex)
  • Fast, real time answers with high performance capabilities
  • Support of any vertical
  •  Implementation of security and innovative identification processes
  •  Analysis of Big Data and data preparation and discovery capabilities
  •  Data is distributed in a huge range of methods – advanced visualization with hundreds of options including 3D, smart maps and every existing type of graphics
  • SDK - a development kit that enables the product's integration in other projects, developments and products, while also implementing adjustments and expansions as needed

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