Informatica Leading Global Solutions – Data Integration and Quality

Aman Group is the sole representative in Israel of Informatica – the largest global Integration and Data Quality Company. Informatica provides a comprehensive solution for data transfer between systems within and outside the organization, as well as data improvements to ensure that the organization functions in an efficient, cost-effective manner, while basing its operations on true data

Nowadays every organization has a number of IT systems in which various forms of data are saved – organizational data, data pertaining to customers, to suppliers, and others. Every single business transaction requires information from a number of systems, which usually "speak" different languages.

Informatica (Nasdaq: INFA), provides an efficient solution which eliminates the need to create new code, and which includes built-in tools required for management, monitoring and control processes.

Using Informatica's integration capabilities, complex business processes can be achieved quickly and automatically, eliminating the human error factor. Informatica's data quality capabilities make sure that the organization's database maintains its long term quality and reliability.

Main advantages:
  •  Increased efficiency in cost and data management
  •  Automation of processes
  •  No need to write new code
  •  New processes and changes become quickly effective
  •  Use of advanced tools and methodologies

Informatica offers a package of "open" products, all supporting SOA-based solutions and allowing migration, transfer, delivery, merging, cutting, charging and cleansing of organizational data. With Informatica it is possible to connect between every application and required platform and to provide a single, uniform, complete solution for the organization.

Data Integration Israel, a subsidiary of Aman Group, provides support to partners and customers throughout the implementation of Informatica tools within the organization. The company's focus and many years of specialization in the field, ensures a positive service experience and success in achieving the tasks and challenges faced by the customer. Today Data Integration Israel has over 50 customers among Israel's largest corporations.