Gizmox – a simple, fast solution for conversion of programming languages in IT systems

Just like with any service or product purchased, programming languages also have an expiration date and eventually become irrelevant. Microsoft's Visual Basic 6 )VB6) programming language was a popular development platform in the 1990's but today, with Microsoft no longer providing support for this platform, it needs to be converted to more advanced programming languages. Gizmox has the ability to convert the old code to a new one without having to replace the systems

The sixth and last version of VB was launched in 1998. Microsoft's support period for this popular version ended in March 2008. Due to the fact that the VB6 was so widely used in its time, a huge number of organizations from different sectors and countries including Israel currently hold systems built of many billions of lines of code written in this language. Most often these are an organization's most critical core systems, those that it cannot function without.

Gizmox – an Israeli company operating in cooperation with Aman Group provides a product that allows converting or transferring the billions of lines of code written in VB6 into Dot.Net, HTML 5 or other languages, at a click of a button, using a compiler that receives the old code from one end, emitting the new one from the other.

Gizmox' development platform for web and mobile development allows organizations to continue using their critical systems and applications, but in modern, up-to-date IT framework.

Main benefits:
  •  Flexibility – the ability to use existing systems
  •  Reduction of up to 70% in conversion time and resources – high return on investment
  •  Convenient and available maintenance
  •  Microsoft supported environment
  •  Ability to interface with modern computing environments
  •  Increased ability to recruit expert development personnel in each particular environment

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