Heshev  Providing full support for AS400 systems

Aman's "ERP Heshev Systems" department provides full support and development for traditional AS400 systems, which for years have been providing steadfast, reliable service to many Israeli organizations and institutions. The department is able to quickly implement and adjust existing software to suit the organization's emerging business processes, while substantially reducing costs

Aman Group's ERP Heshev system provides comprehensive organizational management, production of managerial information, and command and control capabilities. We provide a full software package which includes financial, logistic and community management (for the Kibbutz and small communities), beginning with characterization, through development and implementation of unique applications to suit the customer's specific needs.

Our services include:
Establishment of modular systems, development of tailored software packages, implementation of information systems, additions and integrations to the software packages, development of designated software for production floor management, characterization and process planning, definition of needs, characterization of requirements for equipment and means, and support in connecting with other suppliers to ensure a successful integration with other systems.

We also offer an innovative ERP-on-Demand service which enables web-based work without procurement of hardware, allowing the use of a wide variety of programs and applications.

We offer:
  • Constant development of the software package
  •  Ability to integrate designated software to suit the customer's needs
  •  Ability to interface and import data from various sources
  •  Standardization for the user and software developers – uniformity and simple operation
  •  Constant review of the customer's needs and application of future developments
  •  Long term support and available service to the various customers

Today Aman's AS400 division employs around 65 employees developing commercial software for managing companies and industrial plants among hundreds of leading Israeli corporations in a wide range of fields including finance, industry and commerce, marketing and sales, production and control, as well as specific software for the operational management of the Kibbutz form of living.