Our subsidiaries & Partners

Sefi Galezer, BU Manager

A Provider of information security solutions on all levels, from the planning stages, through conducting penetration tests and risk assessments, providing security software and implementation of a wide range of information security solutions for all computerization levels, through regular operation and maintenance of all information security products. Established in 1998, ArtNet currently employs 160 professionals, operating also in the fields of computer, communication and telephony facilities, networking layouts for all IT layers and supply and support of Microsoft infrastructures and applications.
artNet is ISO 9002 and ISO 9001-2000 certified in the fields of engineering and project management, and is also accredited by leading software and systems providers.

Tomer Perry, CEO

A Value Added Distributor, the Israeli representative of leading IT companies and a promoter of innovative technologies for the Israeli IT market, focusing on advanced solutions for the communications and information security fields. Since its establishment, InnoCom has partnered with leading providers and local partners in many successful implementations of new IT technologies.
For more information go to : www.innocom.co.il

KMS Manger
Sagie Eliyahu, CEO

a next generation knowledge management company that provides customers and service agents with a revolutionary Knowledge Driven Experience. Lighthouse 4.x is a knowledge management system that provides the next generation of customer experience across all service and sales channels, including telephone services and self-service over the Internet. KMS lighthouse has created a new category of knowledge management in customer service by providing customers and service representatives access to information with unmatched accuracy and speed. Our goal is: 5 seconds to knowledge. Lighthouse provides an out of the box solution to telecom and financial services companies allowing for the integration of the product in less than three months.
KMS lighthouse has attained worldwide proven success in many organizations from various verticals. The company focuses its business operations and technology in this field and recently won official recognition from the research company Gartner as a unique solution in its field and in its efficiency and contribution to organizations in which it is installed.
For more information go to : www.kmslh.com

Veriest Solutions
Veriest IT Services-Serbia
Moshe Zalcberg, CEO

Veriest Solutions operates in the semiconductor field, offering ASIC and FPGA chip design and verification service.
Launched in 2007 by Hagai Arbel, Veriest is headquartered in Israel with R&D also in Belgrade, Serbia. Its team of 70 engineers constitutes the key players in projects at the forefront of chip technology.
Veriest's portfolio of clients includes the full range of globally established industry leaders, defense companies, and also startups at preliminary stages of developing high-end chip technology.
For more information go to : www.veriest-v.com
Veriest Serbia is a global leader in consulting, technology, and outsourcing solutions, with unique expertise in a wide rage of IT services and solutions.
For more information go to : it.veriest-v.com

Securenet Solutions
Avi Nagar, CEO

With a team of experts and professionals, Securenet Solutions is a leading Israeli consulting and integration security solutions provider for Data Security and Cyber technologies and solutions.
Securenet Solutions provides advanced, innovative solutions that address the entire range of enterprise information security needs, starting with consulting, going through survey and planning to implementation of information security systems and cyber services
Securenet was founded in 1999 and have about 40 expert professionals. Securenet activity was merged into Aman group, now as Securenet Solutions, leading the Cyber security services builds on extensive technical knowledge and skills of employees, along with other data security solutions such as Securing Data in-rest and at-move, planning and establishing Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) and other complex security solutions for the Israeli market.
For more information go to: www.securenet.co.il

Asaf Bar, CEO

ETERNITY is a development and integration company who provides projects and Professional Services.
The company was founded in 2008, employs over 140 professionals and is an advisory and objective non Reseller copany.
ETERNITY specializes in providing business solutions to the initial stages of characterization, development, training and implementation stage to launch in the following areas:
 Business Intelligence - The establishment and development of DWH, information systems managers, metrics and targets, Big Data
 Knowledge Management in the Share Point - Enterprise Portals, HR portals, search portals, knowledge management portals, content management and document conversion.
 Rapid Development - rapid application development through implementation platforms XRM
Social Network-establishment of social networks inside and outside the organization to employees, customers and suppliers through YAMMER
The compay specialization is in various veticals such as banking and insurance, government and security, industry and economy, technology and high-tech.
For more information go to: www.eternity-it.co.il

Our business activities in Eastern Europe

In recent years Aman Group has substantially expanded its activities in a number of Eastern European countries, establishing three offices – in Poland, Russia and Kazakhstan.

For more information go to: International Activity

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