User Experience Design

Aman UI & Design develops and designs user interfaces, provides human factors/ergonomics consulting and graphic design

Our user interface development and design activity is based on well founded methodologies and in-depth professional knowledge that is continuously updated. Our work combines usability considerations (ergonomics) with marketing ones (catchy design, innovation, user experience).

A comprehensive user interface development process includes a number of stages:
  •  Review and analysis – understanding the system's purpose, its requirements, capabilities and limitations, familiarity with the system's users – their roles, tasks and the environment in which they operate
  •  Conceptual UI Design – designing a general UI structure for the system or site, system navigation methods, operating methods, methods of presenting the information and structure of main windows or pages
  •  Detailed design – defining the precise contents of every screen and location of its components (GUI layout). Selection of suitable commands, organizing the information and its method of presentation on a screen or page, and defining the screen's operational method
  •  Graphic design
  •  Supervision and control of the graphic design stages and user interface development

We offer additional services such as a professional evaluation and review of an existing user interface and usability testing of products and applications within an advanced testing laboratory.

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