QA Testing

Aman Group provides a comprehensive QA solution package to ensure that all organizational developments and applications are functioning properly

Aman's QA (Quality Assurance) department provides solutions that are tailored to meet our customer's various software and hardware QA requirements, while incorporating a built-in methodology. Our services include the establishment and support of a system of manual and automated QA tests, characterization and definition of a QA process, improvement and optimization of existing testing procedures and implementation of new tools.

In addition, the department provides QA testing teams to organizations that are new to this field – offering the new teams guidance and training, developing work methodologies and providing continuous support throughout the process.
Alongside these services, our QA testing services may also be outsourced to the group's testing laboratory which provides QA testing services and product testing services while integrating advanced software and hardware.

As a senior HP partner, Aman Group leads the implementation of HP's testing tools both in Israel and to its foreign branches, including compatible training for all testing tools, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and tools for manual testing (QC 11), automatic testing (QTP) and load review tests (LR).

Our QA department provides a comprehensive solution to customers wishing to outsource QA testing. By working from a remote site or establishing a testing site in close proximity to the customer's site, adjustments are made to the customer's budgetary needs, alongside the integration of winning methodology and proven tools.

Main areas of specialization:
  •  Planning and implementation of software tests for designated information systems and applications, systems in the hi-tech industry and QA tests for central organizational applications
  •  Planning and implementation of automatic and manual software testing for performance levels, functionality, load tests, survivability, data security, usability tests, accessibility and maintenance issues
  •  Consulting, development and implementation of QA testing and security procedures, development of measurement systems and preparing organizations to qualify for ISO and other certifications while incorporating structured work methodologies and supporting the customer throughout the process
  •  Constant support and maintenance of the testing tools

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