Operation of Pension Funds and Financial Systems

Aman Group's development and applications division offers characterization, design and technology development services, with a unique specialization in the financial sector. The division's main added value is its combination of programming capabilities and user interface (UI) design capabilities – assuring the quality and integrity of the final product

The division implements well known software packages as well as developing and establishing designated systems based on the customer's specifications, while integrating the most suitable technologies and approaches to the implementation of software solutions.

Our services begin with the system's analysis and characterization stage and continue through the implementation of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and the creation of a high quality software product specifically suited to the customer's dynamic demands.

Main areas of expertise: IT and software solutions, data analysis, characterization and design of user interfaces, solutions to the regulatory requirements, planning of long term saving systems and risk management consulting services )SAS, SOX, Basel).

The division includes the following departments: Organizational Applications Department (advanced and designated CRM and ERP solutions, Mantis Supply Chain Management System, Otzar ECM Computerized Archiving System); Services Department (UI &Design, Xagram – business integration tool, risk management, data conversions); and a Products Department (Informatica, Trilium, Aman-Beeri Digital Messaging).

Aman Group's Pension Funds and Financial Systems operation division is the first and largest of its kind in Israel. The division provides a wide range of services and projects in the field of long term savings and finance. The division employs over 25 professionals, who in addition to being experts in applications, programming and systems analysis, are also trained and knowledgeable in financial legislation and regulations.

The division includes two departments: a service bureau and a second department dedicated to developing specific solutions for the financial market.
Service bureau – Provides pension fund management services to Aman's customers. The department is formed as a professional knowledge hub, covering all management and operation requirements and operating in diverse platforms to provide pension fund operation services to a wide range of customers.

Our services include: operation of pension funds and/or other long term savings funds, operation of systems for pension funds and/or study fund members, establishment and operation of web sites for financial organizations (controls and reporting), a system for operating loans from trust funds, assistance and support to funds, consulting in legislation matters, providing solutions for data cleansing requirements for financial organizations and implementation of SOX 404 guidelines.
Financial market development department – develops large scale software systems for the pension market in particular, and the financial market in general, with a unique specialization in regulation-guided operational systems. Over the years the department has been active in large scale projects for the implementation of financial systems in banks, investment houses, study funds, pension funds, and more.
The department offers its customers two main products, both developed by Aman Group:
Gemel Info- a system that allows presenting a full on-line report to fund members, based on regulatory requirements (annual/quarterly report). Managers can view full information on all members and managed funds.

Finance Info – a system able to integrate information from all data sources within an investment house (provident fund, pension fund, portfolio management), and to present the data online according to secure authorizations suited to the specific viewer (customers, agents and employers). The system provides dynamic data sections and personal and interactive marketing capabilities.

The division has over 20 years of accumulated experience as a provider of IT services for the Israeli financial market, providing end-to-end coverage for all ongoing regulatory changes taking place in this sector.

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