Aman Group's ERP Services – a World of Organizational Solutions

Aman Group offers a wide range of ERP services, from a tailor-made ERP solution package to suit your organization's specific needs, through full support to AS400 systems, designated solutions to specific sectors, and
on-demand ERP services

As a group having accumulated many years of experience in the field of integrated business management systems, we are now able to offer our customers Aman's ERP Plus system – a unique organizational platform providing a wide scope of modular solutions supporting a large number of organizational, operational and managerial work processes. In addition, the system provides a solution for planning organizational resources in the field of finance of logistics, while implementing advanced web infrastructures.

We also offer Afik 400 (Azimut) – a designated system targeted at achieving comprehensive organizational management, producing managerial information and conducting effective command and control processes. We provide a full software package which includes financial and logistics management, garage management, a claims management system, an inventory management tool, show room management, WMS and queuing systems.
Aman's team supports customers throughout the process, from the system's characterization and development stages, through implementation of unique adjustments to suit the customer's specific needs.

We offer comprehensive support and development services for traditional AS400 systems that for many years have provided highly reliable service to many organizations and institutions in Israel. Our teams are able to swiftly update the software and adjust it to meet the organization's business processes – resulting in substantial long term cost reductions.

Finally, Aman Group offers an advanced ERP on Demand service which enables organizations to continue working without purchasing hardware – via a web interface – while enabling the implementation and use of a wide range of software and applications.

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