An integrated Customer Management Solution

This integrated solution provides organizations with a comprehensive CRM system offering advanced document management, archiving and retrieval features for business documents as well as improving data quality and data cleansing – all in one winning package

Nearly all organizations today make use of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for managing information regarding customers, suppliers, call centers, technicians and related business processes. These pieces of information tend to become outdated, making it increasingly difficult to save and retrieve related documents existing in other organizational systems.

To address this organizational concern, Aman Group has created an integrated system incorporating three of the Group's leading technologies:
  • Microsoft dynamics CRM – as a Microsoft Gold Partner, Aman Group is able to offer its customers access to Microsoft's leading customer relations system which is the core of the integrated solution
  • Otzar – Aman's leading organizational document management, archiving and retrieval solution
  • Informatica – Aman provides its customers with Informatica's leading data quality and data cleansing technologies and tools

The combination between the three solutions provides a solution to the problem of data quality deterioration encountered in traditional CRM systems – usually caused due to frequent alterations in customer details, deficient interfaces with other systems, erroneous data entry, etc.

Aman's CRM Plus system addresses all the organization's needs by maintaining a high customer data quality level and allowing quick retrieval and classification of customer documentation, to ensure that customers enjoy a higher level of service.
The systems can be installed locally within the organization or used via a cloud service.

Main advantages:
  • Reduction in valuable time and resources wasted
  • Fast implementation, with proven and efficient technological integration
  • The conclusion of every business process is quality controlled
  • Increased customer level of satisfaction
  • Installation locally within the organization or in the cloud

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