Development and Design of User Interfaces for Mobile Applications

Until recent years, requirements for our expert design services centered on user interfaces (UI), usability, user interface design or Graphic user interface (GUI) design. Lately however, the concept of "User Experience design" has been gaining momentum in view of ongoing developments in the mobile world of smartphones and tablets.

Aman Group's development and design division specializes in the characterization and design of user interfaces for mobile applications including smartphones and tablets. The group has extensive practical experience in characterizing and designing professional applications for iPhones, iPads and Androids, as well as an in depth understanding of the standards and design of the various devices.

Our ergonomics experts are skilled at developing an operational concept applicable to the device's operational method and conducting a detailed characterization. Our user experience designers design the user interface while incorporating creative and innovative visualization and movement (animation) approaches, aimed at infusing applications with an attractive and professional look, in a way that will best serve the customer's usability needs.

We offer our customers full support in defining the requirements for their mobile application, based on an in-depth familiarity with the uniqueness of working and operating mobile environments. Our user interfaces are developed and implemented by ergonomics experts while user experience measures are provided by experienced user interface designers.

Aman's Applications Development Division develops and implements unique applications for the mobile world, including designated applications for smartphones running Apple and Google operating systems, as well as designated applications for iPads. Using this type of applications development we provide you with an integrative package of applications programming and design allowing your clients to be in contact with you also while outside their home or office, thereby allowing you to provide them with better service.

Main advantages:
  •  Experience – proven knowledge and experience in the characterization, design and development of mobile applications with an in-depth understanding of the advantages and limitations of the different devices
  •  Thinking out of the box – our user experience designers are innovative, creative, experienced and inquisitive, driven by the aim of producing highly usable, well designed applications that users will love to use
  •  All mobile application services provided under the same roof – needs analysis, characterization, design and development, establishment of bi-directional interfaces with source systems, data protection solutions and long term maintenance

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