Interfacing and Connectivity

It is a well known fact that when the value of information is increased and management costs are lowered – the organization profits by generating more income from each customer. Informatica's ability to interface with every existing content source in and outside the organization, with full connectivity to each system, provides organizations with exactly this advantage

The value of organizational data is increased by establishing added value via data integration. Informatica's ability to interface with any existing internal or external content source allows the organization to implement a smart integration of its entire data base so as to reduce costs and to provide a faster, more reliable solution. One of Informatica's ongoing strengths has always been its unique ability to connect to any source or target. Over the past few years Informatica has added many additional tools to these unique capabilities.

Every system and product, inside and outside the organization, either managing or analyzing data, is based on data integration capabilities from the base systems (integration, ETL). This connectivity capacity becomes essential for every modern organization which on a daily basis is required to make thousands of decisions based on the same information, whether originating from its operational systems or based on analyses, BI reports, campaigns, etc.

Informatica provides a huge range of interfaces and connectivity capabilities to these data and content sources. Informatica's connectivity allows it to serve as an overall integration point within the organization, using a simple GUI interface. These capabilities include interfacing of all types of databases and Big Data, to organizational applications such as ERP and CRM systems within the organization or in the cloud, MainFrame computers and AS-400 systems, messaging systems, Web Services, files, designated formats, social networks and a wide range of additional content and data sources.

Based on its connectivity capabilities, Informatica provides a comprehensive platform of services, beginning with technological solutions (such as ETL, interfaces, connectivity, data integration and processes), through infrastructural solutions (such as archiving, data applications, data mixing, performance
improvement and data backup), and additional useful tools such as data improvement and data quality tools, data analyses, MDM and profiling tools for business users and systems analysts.

Let Informatica perform the perfect data integration for your organization – for an exceedingly more efficient and reliable management of all your organizational data.

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