Data integration using the Informatica Cloud

Similarly to the 1980's and 1990's trend of exchanging central systems such as the Main Frame with more Open ones, we are now witnessing a growing trend of transitioning to cloud based applications. More and more platforms serving the organization's daily work have migrated from an On-Premise setting to solutions that are implemented in the cloud.
While this change has brought many advantages, Informatica believes that the transition will be implemented over a long period of time, and moreover will not cover 100% of systems and applications. Therefore, a data integration solution between On Premise and Cloud-based solutions has become a real necessity.

Informatica, having originated from the On-Premise world, has been implemented cloud data integration solutions for over 7 years. Its Cloud data integration engine operates as a "Secure Agent" within the organization, connecting between all the various organizational systems, both Cloud-based and On-Premise, while being completely transparent to the user, for whom there is no meaning to the location of the engine or servers. The "agent" obtains data from a Cloud-based repository, and is able to associate between the various organizational servers and other Cloud-based services.
Informatica's Secure Agent operating within the organization, uses the Informatica cloud to establish direct contact with all organizational systems – whether they are BI, ERP, CRM or any other data source. Moreover, the "agent" is able to interface with other Cloud-based systems which the organization may also be using. Thus, for instance, the SalesForce CRM (a long term business partner of Informatica), is transparent to the user, and the SalesForce cloud interface updates are done directly on Informatica's cloud, thereby eliminating the need for active updates by users.

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Client advantages       

The solution enables comprehensive utilization of the cloud's advantages, while integrating the data of core systems without having to invest in special development, manpower or hardware.
• Save time and money in data management
• Process automation
• Process management, monitoring and control
• No need to write code
• Fast implementation of changes and new processes
• Use of advanced tools and methodologies developed by Informatica – a global leader in its field

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