ILM – Informatica Life Cycle Management

Informatica's Life Cycle Management tools comprehensively address the organization's entire data life cycle – aimed at achieving improved performance, handle sensitive information and saving on maintenance costs and physical server space.

In the field of ILM Aman Group provides comprehensive solutions implementing Informatica tools. We offer four main organizational data life cycle solutions:

  •  Data Archiving – an archiving solution based on business rules, intended for improving performance and reducing loads
  •  Subset – the ability to implement specific parts of applications for development and testing environments, instead of providing each tester/developer a full replica of the applications
  •  Smart Data-Masking – to avoid exposure of certain types of data to testers or developers (personal customer data, credit card details, etc.)
  •  Data Retirement – "Retirement" of old applications. Each organization has applications and information that are maintained and saved for various reasons such as regulation or to protect from future claims. Our "retirement" solution eliminates the need to maintain and pay expenses for these old applications, by isolating only the data and saving it.

Main advantages:

  •  Immediate reduction of expenses on maintenance and physical space
  •  Data management based on business logics
  •  Cross-organizational data-masking solution (from any source to any destination)
  •  Increased efficiency in the quality and work durations of testing and development teams.

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