Data Conversions in IT Systems

Aman Group's Data Conversion division provides a comprehensive data conversion solution using extensive knowledge, experience and technological tools allowing us to provide our customers with a full conversion solution using Informatica's PowerCenter platform.

Organizations today rely on their data as one of their key resources. In a continuously changing business world, mergers, conversions and systems replacements are normal occurrences. Whenever a new application replaces an old one, it is crucial that the source data is properly converted into the target system.

The data conversion process includes the following stages:
  1.  Reviewing source data
  2.  Characterization of gaps and the required logic (to ensure proper conversion)
  3.  Writing the conversion processes
  4.  Testing prior to launching the new application

Aman Group is highly experienced in mergers and conversions, ensuring its customers a fast and seamless conversion process.

Main advantages to our customers in conversion projects using Informatica tools & Aman Group's services:
  • Dramatic reduction of risk component while ensuring project flow
  • A well managed, monitored and controlled process – allowing quick identification and solution of any problems raised during conversion
  • Significant reduction of conversion time
  • Automated processes – quick one-time operation on the day of launching
  • Use of advanced tools and methodologies by Informatica – a leading global provider of data integration, data quality and data management solutions.

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