The easy road to Big Data

In response to the proliferation in data quantities, the collection, processing and analysis of data from multiple sources has become increasingly significant. In most organizations existing knowledge and platforms simply do not suffice and many organizations are looking towards new directions such as Hadoop. However, due to lack of knowledge, the transition to these new platforms is not always a smooth one.

Informatica has identified this need very early on, and has succeeded in expanding and adjusting the capacities of its PowerCenter to Big Data environments, making it possible today to continue working within Informatica's familiar work environment while easily interfacing with various Big Data environments such as Vertica, Exadata, Teradata, Netezza as well as with Big Data in NoSQL environments such as Hadoop, MongoDB and Cassandra.
In fact, this smart method of implementation enables the organization to continue working transparently on the above platforms with simple, familiar GUI's.
Moreover, Informatica's solution allows utilization of the above platforms by running processes within the Big Data itself.

Client advantages:

  • Acceleration of the transition to Big Data
  •  Implementation of capabilities using a simple and user friendly GUI
  •  Ability to reuse previously written processes by adjusting them to the new platform
  •  Advanced research and analysis capabilities on the new platform
  •  Dramatic reduction in implementation costs

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