The BI division has developed a monitoring system that constantly scans data from social media and the digital arena, processing and analyzing it online, and providing customers with real time reports by email or via the client's portal through the monitoring address.
The system's outputs provide meaningful insights in strategic support of the organization's activities
In view of the wide-spread use of social media in the new world, which gives everyone the power not only to express their opinion but to instantly share it with the world, this system forms a highly powerful strategic asset which enables companies and organizations to better understand the needs, target audiences and trends around their products and those of their competitors and to respond to them very quickly.
The system also provides real time monitored data from the web, including information about promotions, launch of new products and new services in the market and by competitors, price comparisons, user responses, comments, posts, videos and any relevant activity or product that exists in the web and may be of interest to the client, based on pre-defined key words.

Consumers today have rightfully become smarter and more suspicious, expecting reliability, transparency and responsiveness in every transaction, alongside the ability to influence thousands of other potential consumers by posting statuses, tweets, talkbacks or blog posts. A simple click of a mouse is enough to ignite a huge fire that may result in a crisis, causing substantial damage to the routine operation of organizations and their image, as well as to financial losses and even bankruptcy. The system monitors and analyzes negative conversations on the web which may potentially evolve and cause a crisis, and reports them in real time to the client, who can then act immediately to handle the matter before it accelerates.

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The system is based on a search engine that routinely scans the web, including social media, websites and competitors' sites, and collects relevant information based on pre-defined key words and phrases. It should be noted that the collected data is saved on the organization's network, thereby becoming an asset that may provide future investigation capabilities and reviews of long term trends.

The Solution:
  • Crossing of unstructured data that is external to the organization (Internet), with internal data (DWH), such as: Clients, projects, activities, etc.
  • Creating control and operation indices
  • Notifications on internal failures, crossed with negative responses by clients/media
  • Reports in-Near Real Time enable fast response time
  • A model that saves search histories and enables advanced searches of the data and presentation of trends

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