The need for Self Service BI arose in order to compensate for the lack of resources in the IT tiers of various organizations, and to provide tools that allow the business tiers to quickly and easily tailor their own BI solutions

The global marker, led by the large suppliers, has developed many tools that facilitate the implementation of the Self Service approach within the organization.

The BI division functions as an independent unit in product-based companies, and has developed a methodology that allows the organization to select the best possible tool while considering human, functional and technical aspects. We support this process via a well-defined service having the following outputs:
  • Quality measures to identify the best possible product
  • Suitability to business needs
  • Technological suitability to the organization and functional review
  • The product's Return On Investment (ROI)

Moreover, the methodology also covers organizational implementation processes, employee inclusion, interfacing with the business customer, knowledge transfer and of course transferring control while providing IT with tools to continue controlling the situation.

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