Conversion of Data into New Systems

Aman Group's applications data conversion services safeguard your applications while adjusting them to the next generation of computerized systems – because it's a shame to throw out a good and efficient application!

The problem:
Organizations operating old systems based on programming languages no longer supported (such as Microsoft's Visual Basic 6) encounter difficulties when they don't want to give up their unique applications, but on the other hand must convert them and often also their systems into more modern languages.
  • They experience a number of problems and risks:
  •  Information systems risks – critical systems may collapse due to a bug or nonconformance
  •  Difficulty in maintaining the system or the application and high risk during a critical failure
  •  Difficulty in finding expert programmers
  •  High risk while upgrading technological environments
  •  Risk in supporting data protection upgrades
  •  Low customer satisfaction from the system
  •  Difficulty in responding to requests for changes in the application

The solution:
Thanks to the platform provided by Gizmox – an Israeli company operating in cooperation with Aman Group – systems and applications can be easily converted into updated technologies, better suited to the web and mobile world.
The Gizmox platform implements a unique technology allowing conversion of applications to systems located in the Cloud. The platform configures the VB6 programming language into modern and HTML5 code. This conversion allows organizations to continue working with their critical and important applications, but within modern and convenient IT layouts, thereby saving in programming costs and many work hours.

Our teams are able to easily and seamlessly convert any code and any application for your organization, saving you valuable work time, or alternatively – the need to give up the entire application or system.

Main benefits of the Gizmox system:
  • Flexibility and the ability to create change and improvement to organizational IT systems
  •  Reduction of up to 70% in conversion time and resources – high return on investment
  • Maximization of the use of Aman Group's capabilities in the development of Microsoft technologies, mobile and web applications
  • Convenient and available maintenance
  •  Ability to interface with modern computing environments
  •  Increased ability to recruit expert development personnel in each particular environment

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