Applicative Monitoring Solutions for organizational IT Systems

The multitude of technologies and interfaces coexisting in modern organizations often create "bottlenecks" at the application and transaction levels, resulting in reduced performance levels. Aman Group offers its customers applications monitoring services able to quickly and seamlessly locate and handle the problem

Aman Group's applicative Command & Control and DB experts are able to quickly locate exactly where your system is "stuck" and why application X is stalling progress. The applicative monitoring system developed by "Precise" – which we use when dealing with this type of issue – scans all IT levels, from the end user through the application server and database, to the storage system. Precise surfaces all existing bottlenecks in each level and every platform. Its capacity to perceive a full end-to-end process without any preliminary knowledge of the system is its underlying operational strength and effectiveness.

The system is integrative, containing all required components for creating a comprehensive solution towards identifying the symptoms of availability and performance problems. Its integrative approach allows it to find the source of the problem, its causes, the solution, and finally – testing the implemented solution.

The system supports and J2EE development environments, and the following databases: Oracle, SQL, DB2-UDB and Sybase. It offers a tailored solution for organizational systems and for SAP's CRM, Oracle E-Suite Apps and Oracle PeopleSoft.

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