"Tehila" – Placement of Ultra-Orthodox ("Haredi") women in software development & testing positions

Aman Group's unique "Tehila" program provides a local solution for Israeli and international companies operating attractive and challenging development environments, using the OffShore/NearShore outsourcing method. Today Aman's "Tehila" project employs over 100 Ultra-religions ("Haredi") women programmers/developers and QA testers, all of them either trained as practical software engineers or B.A graduates with honors, highly motivated and providing an especially high quality of work, at competitive costs

This software solution is offered to customers in a number of alternative models:
  • On site work at the customer's offices – allowing the customer full control over the development environment
  • Off shore work at "Tehila" offices currently operating in Bnei Brak, Haifa and Jerusalem
  • A combined model of "On site" and "Off shore" work allowing customers the flexibility they need, while significantly saving time and costs
  • A development project model – provides high quality development and testing services under the Off-Shore/On Site model at especially attractive and competitive costs

Tehila employees are skilled in the following technologies: dot.net, ABAP, Java, Informatica, Cobol, RPG,VB, QA.

Among the program's customers: Israel Aerospace Industries, Bituach Yashir Insurance Company, Cellcom cellular provider, Shufersal, Leumi Card, Israel Electric Corporation, Orda-Print Industries, Menora Insurance Company, AIG Insurance Company, and others.

Using Aman Group's unique employment model, candidates can be screened and trained via specific training courses, tailored to the customer's needs.

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