Professional Outsourcing Services

Aman Group offers outsourcing services providing placement of IT experts at the customer's premises to leading Israeli customers in a range of industries including banking, hi-tech, telecom, insurance, retail, the military and security industries, governmental agencies and public institutions. The company employs over 500 experts, consultants and service providers in all IT disciplines

Aman specializes in locating, screening, recruiting and training computer engineering graduates (or parallel degrees) that upon completion of their training period are placed by the group in a suitable position at one of Aman's customer sites, with professional and personal support by the division throughout the process.

The group uses unique work methods for providing professional and high quality customer services, integrating the know-how of various departments under the sole responsibility of the customer's manager.

The group operates a large and professional recruiting system operating as a placement company, which today includes a recruiting manager and 15 skilled recruiters. The department has an available reservoir of over 300,000 experienced experts boasting a high knowledge level, coupled with a state of the art recruiting system allowing quick and optimal matching of candidates to customers.

Aman group provides skilled and experienced experts in all IT disciplines and technologies, by areas:
  •  Software – developers, project managers, systems analysts, programmers and software QA engineers
  •  Advanced and traditional technologies
  •  Real Time Systems – specializing in software development, micro-computer-embedded real time systems, command and control systems, and more
  •  Infrastructures – network managers, Systems personnel, DBA and communication experts, data protection and command & control experts
  •  Applications – CRM, SAP, Call Center, data conversions, data cleansing and more

Main advantages:
  •  A professional, skilled and efficient service for quickly recruiting and forming high quality work teams
  •  A unique employee retention process ensuring long term customer and employee satisfaction
  •  A skilled and experienced reservoir of experts in all IT disciplines and specializations
  •  Professional back-up of Aman Group experts – providing support and consultation to our employees placed at customers' sites
  •  The backup of a well established software house, enjoying professional and financial viability

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