Aman's Cyber Consulting Services – Protect your organization from advanced cyber attacks

Aman Group's Cyber Consulting division professionally and effectively addresses the issue of cyber threats and attacks experienced by both the government sector and the private sector. The purpose of our consulting services is to prevent attacks and penetrations while assuring our customers' business continuity. Our solution integrates strategic consulting, implementation of advanced tools, systems engineering and real time intelligence solutions

On the national level, Cyber Warfare today is regarded as the fifth dimension of the modern battle field, but it is the private business sector which suffers its strongest consequences. In recent years this sector has been experiencing attempts (political or commercial) to shut down services through cyber attacks, theft of commercial information and industrial espionage.

Aman's cyber division employs a team of leading experts having an in-depth knowledge of governmental agencies such as the National Cyber Headquarters, National Data Protection Authority, Bank of Israel and the Banks Commissioner, as well as various national security bodies. Aman Group boasts many years of experience in the management of complex data security projects for security facilities as well as for organizations controlled by the national security services, and our experience has significantly contributed to our parallel success also in the business sector.

Aman Group's cyber solutions package begins with the identification of our customers' needs from a professional, business and technological perspective, followed by the definition of a comprehensive solution – from perception, to planning, to implementation:
  •  Strategic consulting – policy, procedures, mapping of existing situation, identifying the gaps to achieve a suitable level of cyber protection
  •  Definition of long term plan
  •  Systems engineering, architecture,cyber and data protection products
  •  Customer-focused business intelligence services in relation to cyber attacks

Our strategic consulting services include comprehensive support throughout the organization's protection process, learning the organization and familiarizing with its business and professional needs, as well as definition of the required methodologies and technological solutions. This is followed by a tailor-made application of the most suitable architecture of cyber and data protection products for the organization, including unique products such as the innovative cyber data security product FireEye and implementation of advanced data fusion engines. Throughout the process the customer is provided with comprehensive business intelligence services in the cyber field, specializing in the identification and tracking of relevant data for potential targeted attacks on the organization.

Our customers includeorganizations operating national infrastructures, strategic, governmental and institutional organizations, and communications providers.

Our main advantages:
  • An in-depth familiarity with governmental agencies responsible for cyber issues, such as the National Cyber Headquarters, National Data Protection Authority, Bank of Israel and the Banks Commissioner, as well as national security bodies
  • Proven experience in carrying out complex and extensive data security projects in Israel and abroad, and in managing resource-intensive projects
  • A professional team of experts covering all aspects of the cyber field
  • A customer-targeted solution implementing designated technologies that are exclusive to Aman.

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