Aman Group Management

Amir Pasternak, Founder and Chairman

Amir Pasternak founded the group in October 1972 and it has been developed from the beginning as a software development based on knowledge and significant business benefits.
Amir is currently serving as chairman of the group and amongst other things, he works on developing and expanding existing and new operations.
Amir has (BS.c) in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion and a master's degree (MS.c) in Industrial Engineering and Business Administration from Tel Aviv University

Ben Pasternak, CEO

Having joined Aman Group in 1998 and serving in a range of positions from computerization and business development to integrating Israeli IT companies into the group, in 2006 Mr. Ben Pasternak has been appointed as the group's CEO. During his term of office the group has grown substantially in size and in its fields of expertise, resulting in the fact that today Aman Group has been well established as one of Israel's leading IT providers.
Ben served in the IDF's Manpower Automation Division and as Divisional IT officer. He has a B.A in Economics from Ben Gurion University, majoring in Business Administration.

Sagi Elyahu, VP Finance and International Business Manager

Sagi joined Aman Group in 2003. In his position as the Group's VP Finance and International Business Manager, Sagi is responsible for representation of Aman's international products in Israel and Eastern Europe.
Sagi has led the establishment of new company branches in Russia, Poland and Kazakhstan, all conducting highly successful local operations with customers in a wide range of industries including banking, telecom and the public sector.
Sagi arrived at Aman from KPMG Somekh Chaikin auditing firm, where he managed the technological financial consulting division, providing assistance to technological companies in capital raising processes, mergers and acquisitions, business plans, etc.
Sagi is a certified CPA and has an MBA degree from the College of Management, where he majored in the management of technological corporations.

Sefi Galezer, VP managed services and cyber

Sefi joined Aman Group in early 2015 and serves as Vice President of Managed Services and cyber.

Sefi has accumulated rich management experience during the years of his career. Among other things, Sefi worked as CEO of Malam Systems, was co-founder of Ness and served there in several positions - CEO of v-Ness which he had founded, senior VP at Ness Israel and as senior VP of global business development.
Sefi worked in various management and development positions in start-ups and security projects.

Sefi has BA (BS.c) mathematics and computer science at Ben Gurion University.

Ziv Avramovich, Manager of Financial Development and Applications Division

Ziv has managed Aman's Financial Development and Applications Division since 2008, dealing with a range of areas including CRM, ECM and applications development. Ziv is responsible for the division as well as for the group's long-term saving operations section.
In his previous position Ziv managed the group's pension fund area, which he continues to do also today. Prior to joining Aman Ziv served in a number of key positions in pension funds, as well as being Secretary of the Israeli Pension Fund Association.
Ziv has a B.A in Economics, majoring in management of information systems.

Alon Reiter, VP Human Resources and Outsourcing

Alon Reiter is Aman Group's VP Human Resources and Outsourcing. His position includes management, leadership and implementation of HR processes, employee evaluations, mergers of new companies within the group, development and maintenance of a managerial reserve, initiation, leadership and implementation of organizational change, responsibility over employee welfare and recreational activities, and management of the group's outsourcing activities.
Alon has a B.A in Economics and Business Administration from the Open University and an MBA from Ben Gurion University.

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