Aman Group – A World of IT Solutions

Aman Group, among Israel’s leading providers of IT software and solutions, offers its corporate customers a full array of solutions used in nearly every sector of the economy.

We are living in a fast changing world of technological complexity, where high dependence on computers for carrying out business transactions makes our choice of an IT partner all the more crucial. At Aman Group we understand just how important it is for our customers to receive advanced professional and technological solutions for addressing their organization's entire computerization needs and promoting their business goals.

We like to compare our company to a shopping mall containing a long row of "boutique" shops, each specializing in a unique area of solutions, such as technological and engineering consulting, hardware infrastructures integration, communication and information security, comprehensive handling of data bases, financial computerization and systems solutions, virtualization, human resource solutions, risk management and much more.

With an aim to provide our customers with leading solutions that are seamless from end to end in today's dynamic IT world, our technological fields of expertise have been carefully selected.
Established in 1972, today Aman is one of Israel's leading groups in the IT consulting and solution providing industry and is also active internationally. Currently employing about 1000 dedicated professionals in a wide range of disciplines including systems and hardware, IT infrastructures, consulting, project management and implementation, Aman Group has the expertise to deliver integrative, quality, system-wide solutions based on extensive professionalism, profound experience and superior service record, to ensure that our customers enjoy and benefit from our full and long term cooperation and partnership.

Over the years our group has grown to include a number of subsidiaries, contributing to our "everything you need under one roof" service perception, so that today we are able to provide our customers with integrated solutions and services applied to all types of platforms including hardware, software, databases and communications. We also provide a range of outsourcing solutions, some of which are unique in the Israeli market.
The combination of this range of specialization into a single integrative solution provides our customers with significant added value, while assisting them in the establishment of the technological advantage they need for promoting their business. Our specialized subsidiaries are an inseparable part of our commercial layout, as they function together in full synergy, to enable an integrative package of comprehensive and professional solutions.
These advantages, joined with our strong belief in the importance of positioning the customer at the center and recruiting the best professionals for our group, have led many companies from a wide range of industries to join our list of esteemed customers. We invite you to read on and discover how Aman Group can be at your service too.

Our Mission
To provide our customers with an integrative solution, using the most advanced technologies and Best-of-Breed products, while fully addressing our customers' needs. Representing leading global solution providers throughout the IT content world, we strive to dedicate our expertise to providing you with the most suitable solutions for your business.

Our Vision
To become a leading information and computing technology solutions provider, both in Israel and in additional global markets; We aim to be our customers' natural choice in our fields of business, thanks to our professionalism, honesty, creativity and ability to provide the most advanced technological IT solutions and products.
Aman Group gives special attention to the quality of its services and the satisfaction of its customers and invests considerable efforts in achieving these goals.

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  •  Established 1972
  • Privately owned
  • Its subsidiaries in Russia, Poland and Kazakhstan provide services to customers throughout Eastern Europe.