DASHBOARDS as a BI Solution

Our BI division implements a unique approach towards the specification and establishment of dashboards – as part of a comprehensive organizational BI solution

Improved business performance
Aman's Pro-Vision division was formed as part of the Group's aim to achieve a full understanding of the client's needs and a commitment to reaching business and financial targets. The division works constantly towards developing tools for identifying and understanding the client's business needs, providing an optimal organizational and technological solution, demonstrating the solution (Mockup) - based on the Flowser methodology, and improving business performance and results (KPI definitions) while providing an end-to-end project management service.

Precise simulation for the BI solution
One of the central motivations for developing the solution is the unfortunate fact that many organizations find themselves dealing with BI projects that are very far from the point of realizing their full potentials. Following an in depth examination of the matter the 'Eternity' team realized that employee commitment to the process can be substantially increased, alongside the ability to launch a product that is better suited to the needs of the organization, by providing as early and as precise as possible a simulation of the final product. Beyond the ability to illustrate the future solution, this method provides an opportunity to obtain user feedback that is based on visual experience rather than relying only on theories and textual descriptions. The fact that the Flowser allows the organization to see, within only a few days, what its BI solution is going to look like, may save the organization the relatively large investment entailed in such a solution.
Among the Flowser's additional advantages is the fact that all designs are based on the client's decision, to the level of selecting colors and forms. In terms of specification, most relevant objects can already be seen on the screen, in addition to comparative reports, graphs, pie charts, various data filters, and in fact the general Look & Feel of the system.

Making users a part of the process
The Flowser provides a full demonstration of the entire process from the moment of entry into the system, including a demonstration of the user experience at a level enabling investigation of the relevant functionality. It should be noted that the data presented is very close to that of the real system and completely compatible with the selected technology, whether Oracle, Microsoft, Cognos, Panorama, Business Objects or SAP BW.
This is truly a revolution! A high level demonstration brings users into the process, enabling them to provide their insights even before the project has been developed or paid for. This is why many organizations embarking upon a BI project simply do not hit the road before using Flowser.

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